A Haitian American, Brooklyn Born 30- something-year-old, Natural Hair, thick Madame Gemini navigating this stratosphere called life. I love good vibes, Good food, thought-provoking conversations, traveling, and EVERYTHING BLACK. I am obsessed with helping people unlock their love for self within. I do this by unpacking the good, the bad, and the ugly. I believe if we all work within our true selves and unlock all the powers that lie within, we will end up understanding and owning our melanin divinity. 

    I am currently in school pursuing my degree in Social Work with hopes to fulfill a career in family therapy shortly. I have always loved helping people, being the therapeutic soundboard for my friends and family is who I am. So pressuring a degree in counseling only made sense to me. I am looking forward to the future to gain more insight and knowledge to educate my community so we can ALL regain our POWER through breaking up our fears, and Reviinging our potential to live within our Purpose! 


For Love & Melanin, is a safe place. Where woman of color can come and get real, get real advice and real conversations about life’s most taboo topics. I started this blog, because I once was lost, hiding under past pain and hurt and childhood trauma. Repeating the same broken cycles, because looking in the mirror and taking ownership was way too ugly for me. Not loving myself and settling for what seemed at the time to be a glorious life.

Starting this blog is allowing me to look in that mirror, identify who lies deep within? What is her purpose? What are her flaws?  On this Journey of creating this blog, it will allow me to share my journey and past with you, with hopes that my experiences will help someone out there, help someone get unstuck and to look in the mirror at self. 


I am intentional with everything I do now, intentional with what I eat (sometimes I’m not) Intentional with who I let in my life, and intentional with what I do. I strive to live a purposeful life, and I want you to as well. 


So please, Take this Journey with me. Let’s be vulnerable together, lets unpack, let’s be real. But, most of all. Let’s heal and let’s emulate all that Love for Melanin that lies within.